Online Course

Key learning components include:

• Warning signs - both obvious and subtle
• Increased agitation
• Dispelling the myths
• Pre-entrance signs of dog activity
• Recognising a potentially dangerous situation
• The do’s and do not’s of interaction
• How to remove themselves in the safest manner

GSD - Preventing dog bites

How it works:

The Dog Safe Workplace provides your organisation with a link to your unique online training course. The link is then provided to each user who creates their own personal login based on their email.

As the participant moves through the course they will be required to view a variety of photographs and videos accompanied by descriptive text. This is completed over a series of modules. At the end of every module is a “checkpoint” where they will be required to answer a series of questions. They need to achieve 100% to move forward in the course. Should they answer a question incorrectly they can review the module and start the checkpoint again. This can be done as many times as they require.

A monthly report (or a period of time requested by your organisation) can be sent to the company administrator. This shows who has completed the course, for those who have started the course it will show where they are up to, what percentage of the course they have done, how many attempts it took to pass each checkpoint and the result of each checkpoint.

For those who have completed the course they can request a certificate to be sent to them via email.

There is also a downloadable tip sheet that they can print out and keep with them as a reminder of behaviours to look for when on premises with dogs.


• Mac, PC, Tablet and Mobile friendly
• Downloadable Safe Dog tip sheet
• Each login is valid for 6 months or 12 months on an annual license
• Each login is unique and may only be used once
• Each completed course is recorded in our LMS (learning management system)
• At agreed intervals The Dog Safe Workplace will send reports
• Should any of the trainees have any questions after they have completed the course or wish to discuss an incident that has occurred they can email The Dog Safe Workplace and one of our canine behaviourists will respond to their enquiry.

Advantages for the employer:

• Tax deductible
• Cost effective, discounts offered for multiple users
• Fills the Heath & Safety requirement for a known risk
• Online platform means it is easily accessible with no onsite organisation for training required 
• Employees can do the course in their own time
• Consistent training standard across the company or organisation
• Training reports showing course up take and completion by employees

Advantages for contractors:

• Cost effective and tax deductible
• Easy to complete with multiple media learning through photographs and videos with explanatory text
• Can be completed in under an hour and can be accessed multiple times until completed
• Fills the Heath & Safety requirement for a known risk and provides certificate for individual Health & Safety records
• Training report can be given to your primary employer for their records

• Gives instruction on how to read basic canine body language to help you assess situations that could potentially become harmful

Watch Our Course Demo:

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