In-House Training

Please Note: The In-House training is currently only available in New Zealand

Pitbull Keeping people safe

Key Learning Components:

• Warning signs - both obvious and subtle
• Increased agitation
• Dispelling the myths
• Pre-entrance signs of dog activity
• Recognising a potentially dangerous situation
• The do’s and do not’s of interaction
• How to remove themselves in the safest manner


How It Works:

Participants are required to observe a series of photographs and videos whilst engaged in a tutorial describing the concepts of canine body language. By providing our training to your team your organisation is showing itself to be proactive and ensures that you have met the health and safety requirements in regards to minimising the risk from canines.



• Each attendee will receive a full colour manual to take home.
• Interactive question and answer sessions with one of our instructors
• Should any of the trainees have any questions after they have completed the course or wish to discuss an incident that has occurred they can email The Dog Safe Workplace and one of our canine behaviourists will respond to their enquiry.


Advantages for the employer:

• Tax deductible
• Cost effective
• Safety training has been provided for a recognised industry risk