Canine Body Language

Would you like to learn more about the dogs around you?

Our online canine body language course offers you the opportunity to learn how to read a dog's body language. This course is ideal for dog owners who want to do the best for their dog and be a responsible dog owner. 

Dogs are a part of the majority of people's everyday lives, it is important that we begin to learn how to understand them.

Unfortunately with the increase of dogs in society we have also seen an increase in dog bites, many of which are believed to have been avoidable if the person had known how to read dogs. Education is the key! It is important that everyone learns what to look for to show a dog is becoming stressed about a situation BEFORE the dog gets to the stage where it is growling/biting. That is what this course will show you.

The course is broken into 5 modules that gives an insight into Canine Body Language concentrating on the Subtle Signs that dogs give to communicate with us, allowing us to recognise these behaviours and understand the signs that they are showing to indicate whether they are happy, nervous, scared and more.

This course is an ideal start for anyone who has a dog, or is in regular contact with dogs. Even those who are scared of dogs will find the course extremely useful in helping them understand how dogs communicate; which in some cases may help reduce their fear.

People that should do this course:

  • Anyone who has a dog
  • Anyone thinking of getting a dog
  • Anyone who has regular contact with dogs
  • Anyone working with dogs (including volunteers)
  • Anyone who is a parent
  • Anyone who is scared of dogs


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The course costs $69.00 (NZD) and once completed you will be emailed a certificate.

To enrol please email us or fill out the enquiry form.